100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali
100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali


16th September - 1st October 2022


How does the ancient wisdom of Yoga & Self Inquiry translate tangibly into our practice of modern yoga asana?

And how can we integrate this wisdom off the mat & into our daily lives?

 As we unravel that which is repressed and stuck in our bodymind, what are the practical tools to help us be with what arises and liberate us from suffering to Self Realization & Self Integration?

 In this 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training , we meet these inquiries directly, drawing from the combined wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Taoist Five Element Meridian Theory, the Embodied Mindfulness Meditation practices of Buddhism & Contemporary Fascial Science .

  • Learn how to release the deep tissue/ fascial trains of the body and create increased fluidity, suppleness, flexibility, & nourished healthy joints .

  • Learn how to influence the chi flow through the 12 primary meridian pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fueling the 12 main organ systems with life force, influencing organ health &  optimizing physical vitality.

  • Learn how your body, mind & spirit are connected via these energy pathways, and discover how to meet and align the diverse dimensions of your being directly in your practice, influencing not only physical but mental, emotional & spiritual health.

  • Learn the specific therapeutic benefits of each yin asana & how to most effectively practice, sequence & teach classes for each of the organ systems.  

  • Learn practical embodied mindfulness tools to meet the internal and external challenges of life, as gateways for transformation and integration.. 

 This 2-week immersion offers a holistic map and practical pathway for potentialising embodied healing & integration within ourselves, and in turn, assists the development of direct teaching tools to support and guide our students.


This 100hr module, is a complete & thorough study unto itself, or may be a contributing module to the TNYT 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programme.