100-Hour Embodied Feminine Awakening Yoga Teacher Training with Tina Nance
100-Hour Embodied Feminine Awakening Yoga Teacher Training with Tina Nance

100hr Embodied Feminine Awakening Module 1 :
Womb Awakening

Where : The Yoga Barn
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia   

When : May 1st - 12th, 2018


Are you feeling the Deep Feminine Call to Re-Member HER ?

We live in a time where the Yang qualities of goal orientation, directional focus, acheivement, & "getting shit done" in the world, saturate our value system. Within the last 60years, inspired women of the western world have duplicated this potent Yang focus in order to courageously stake their equality & autonomy & express their voice & contribution in the world. As a result women are well on the way to re-instating their social, political & economic freedom . And yet when relentless yang outward moving energy is not balanced with equal priority for yin inward moving energy, this imminently leads to the detriment of our physical & psycho- emotional health, as women. And often manifests as hormonal & reproductive disorders, depression, anxiety & burn out .

We are now coming to realise that true equality & liberation lies in equally valuing, understanding & embodying the inherent quality of Yin. Yin qualities include Embodiment & the subsequent access to somatic & emotional intelligence that an inward lens invokes. Informing greater self awareness & thus conscious relationship within & without. Inviting the potential to create both heart & earth centred community & self referencing our true source of freedom within our own beings .

As women, inside of our bodies moves a potent feminine current of awakening, a river of Shakti birthed from the temple of our Wombs.  It is our birthright. A source of power that has been muted for thousands of years that is beckoning us to Re-Member. 

When surrendered to, this current unravels the postured conditioning of the minds story of separation, WITHIN THE BODIES TISSUE. An infinite intelligence that spontaneously unwinds the tension stored in our connective tissue created from identifying with thoughts & behaviours that are out of alignment with our True Nature. Creating space for infinite insight & knowing to arise in & through our BODIES & repattern our nervous systems from the inside out.  This current permeates through all the unconscious places of hiding from the truth of who we are & translates into directly experiential shifts in perception & behaviour, melting the heart open to experience the uncontrived Love & Wholeness that is our birth right.

SHE is currently Rising through our bodies & hearts en masse, invoking our Awakening. Inviting us to become embodied vehicles for Her Wisdom to move through us, unimpeded by our personal story of insecurity & separation. In order to step into reclaim our birthright , to Re-Member Her Essence within our bodies , our sensual essence & our wombs. Returning to our fullness as INTEGRATED & EMBODIED Awakened Women, bringing balance back to our earth in this potent time of transformation & evolutionary change.

Are you feeling HER call ?

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