100-Hour Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training with Tina Nance
100-Hour Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training with Tina Nance

100-Hour Yoga Therapeutic Teacher Training with Tina Nance at The Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali.

Course Description:

The Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training is created for experienced yogi's & yoga teachers, wanting to take either their personal &/or teaching practices to the next level. To discover more depth, specificity & understanding of the distinct theraupeutic benefits of yoga asana, on the Body, Mind & Spirit. We will learn how to tailor our yoga practice to meet our specific individual needs, moment to moment, physically, mentally & emotionally, throughout the changing seasons of our lives & the lives of our students.

TNYT Yoga Therapy is a healing system of therapeutic yoga that incorporates the wisdom of the Five Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the Taoist Healing Arts of China & Japan, with traditional Indian Hatha Yoga Asana.

In this training you will learn the precise therapeutic benefits of each of the hatha yoga asana's, discovering which organs are influenced directly by particular meridian pathways, accessed purposefully in each posture.

Both Yoga & Taoism recognise that the microcosm of our body represents the macrocosm of nature. Each of our organs are governed by the elements of nature & our bodies echo the changing patterns of the seasons.

In this training you will learn how to assemble, practice & teach therapeutic yoga practices for each of the the five elements; Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth, congruent with each of the five seasons; Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer & Late Summer. 

We will learn how to recognise postural implications of chi imbalance in ourselves & our students on & off the mat. And to create individualized therapeutic yoga programmes, incorporating asana, breath, nutrition & lifestyle support, for specific pathologies, imbalances & holistic individual needs.

You will learn how to work directly & effectively with each of the 12 primary organ systems of the body, by vitalising the 12 main meridian pathways, optimising chi flow through the energetic system & influencing physical,  psycho-emotional & spiritual health & well-being.

This 100hr module, is a complete & thorough study unto itself, or may be a contributing module to the TNYT 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programme.