Lana Yoga Mat, the fist Eco-Friendly mat from Indonesia
19 Desember 2017
Lana Yoga Mat, the fist Eco-Friendly mat from Indonesia
The Story Behind Lana Yoga Mat

The journey discreetly began when two sisters stepped into their first yoga classes in different time at different places

They entered the class expecting to get some light workouts, deep stretches, and maybe a little actions in their muscles. But as they spent more and more hours in the classes, they started to feel a sensation that no other workouts had ever given them before. Along with the drops of sweats and the great muscle soreness, they also felt something started to grow bigger and bigger inside them.

As the time passed, they realized they got much better in feeling grateful for everything. They felt the compassion they thought they never had, and most importantly, they felt connected to their selves—even beyond the physical bodies. They felt love. A great, everlasting love, not only intended for their friends, families, and surroundings, but also to the souls within them.

This great of a love eventually manifested into Lana. The mission is short and simple—to spread the love. They wanted as many people as possible to experience the love they felt. So Indonesia—and hopefully, the rest of the world—can become much lovelier places to be lived in.

Lana launched their first product in November 1st, 2014. From then, Lana kept supporting people to have easy, accessible exercises, everywhere, with environmentally-friendly attitude in mind.

We sure hope that the journey doesn’t end anytime soon. We wish to grow along with the expanding enthusiasm towards healthy lifestyle in Indonesia. We will always try our best to support any of you in FIT WITH LANA WAY