Yoga Workshop With Setyo Jojo
Yoga Workshop With Setyo Jojo
Everybody loves asanas and people perform various asanas everyday, perhaps without fully understanding background of the asanas. This Yoga Workshop with Setyo Jojo at Kalyana Yoga studio will discuss why certain asana is being practised, how to perform the asanas safely, including thorough reviews from medical science point of view. 

Everybody loves inversion. Some of the most celebrated inversions will be discussed in this workshop, including headstand and shoulderstand.

The afternoon session will cover how yoga and yoga asanas practice can be applied in daily life for stress management and stress relief.

About Setyo Jojo

A Yoga practitioner, writer and teacher, Setyo is passionate in psychology, philosophy, art, science, history, medicine, nutrition and health. He is currently instructor for senior's yoga club in Bandung and main contributor for Yoga Indonesia facebook group.

Fee: IDR 800.000 (regular), or IDR 650.000 (early bird until April 29, 2016).

For further information, please contact Kalyana Yoga Studio at 081317458458 or

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