Chakra Healing Energy Activation (CHEA) at Karmarati Chakra Center
Chakra Healing Energy Activation (CHEA) at Karmarati Chakra Center

CHEA is a program tailored to activate the bioenergy (prana) in our body with the purpose of increasing the balancing capability and synchronised body and mind, along with self-empowerment in the process of self-healing.

  • Practice is done one chakra at a time to achieve an optimum activation process.
  • The program involves physical exercise for 2.5 hrs.
  • Practice includes: energy exploration in body-mind movement; each chakra elemental energy (earth, water, fire, air, vibration, light); synchronised body-mind in somatic movement; yoga asana for related chakra.

What can you take-out of this lesson?

- A synchronized mind-body activities and motions

- Understanding your mind pattern that leads to body and movement pattern

- Conflict in mind vs body that cause tensions

- Understanding and experiencing the subtle energy we have to smoothen the integration between mind and body

- Create new pattern as to develop new awareness in your mind-body behavior

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