Yoga Helps Women Fights Breast Cancer
30 Oktober 2015
Yoga Helps Women Fights Breast Cancer

A new study suggests that yoga can help women battle breast cancer. Women who hit the mat experienced 'improved physical function' and a 'reduction in fatigue', as well as mental benefits, according to a new study

MSN reports on the study conducted among 163 women with an average age of 52. The yoga classes were an hour long and took place three days a week for six weeks. The results? Pretty darn good:

Only the women in the yoga and stretching groups reported a reduction in fatigue.

But those learning yoga experienced greater benefits to physical functioning and general health. They also developed a more positive attitude to their cancer than women in the other groups.

Women who practised yoga also had the steepest daily declines in levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This was considered important because higher cortisol levels have been linked to worse outcomes in breast cancer.

It seems like doctors are finally realizing the mind-body connection and the power of yoga's healing benefits. Professor Lorenzo Cohen, who conducted the study said:

"The combination of mind and body practices that are part of yoga clearly have tremendous potential to help patients manage the psychosocial and physical distress associated with treatment and life after cancer, beyond the benefits of simple stretching."

Namaste to that!

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