The Winner Of Yoga In Indonesia Photo Contest
29 Oktober 2015
The Winner Of Yoga In Indonesia Photo Contest
Indira Saputra @flo_indi, a yogi from Jambi was the lucky one. She was the winner of Yoga in Indonesia photo contest that was held last week on Instagram @yogainindonesiacom

Indi's picture was taken at Candi Borobudur on her yoga trip to Yogyakarta. Apart from having a little trouble with her plane trip due to the haze, Indi and her husband managed to checked out from the hotel at 3.30am to go to Borobudur to witness the magical sunrise over one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world.

Indi first learned about yoga after giving birth to her 2nd child, she was trying to figure out the right kind of sport to help her get back in shape. "I then saw a friend put a yoga picture on her mobile phone's profile, it grabbed my attention, but there was still limited yoga facilities at the city when i live", and in 2014 she started her yoga journey.

"I bought the ethic pants that i wore on the picture the night before on Malioboro street. I found it accidentally. It's like the Universe had everything prepared for me so i could wear that beautiful pants at Candi Borobudur the next morning"

Congratulation Indi! 

By: Dee