Yoga in Indonesia Favorite Pictures on Instagram
29 Oktober 2015
Yoga in Indonesia Favorite Pictures on Instagram

Last week Yoga in Indonesia held a photo contest over Instagram. We were surprised by the interest coming from all participants. We picked 1 winner, but we also had 4 most favorite pictures.

The Editor's favorite came from the account of





They are Olaf, Noel, Adhie and Gian. 

Noel is a yoga teacher and the owner of Yoga-Karta in Yogyakarta. He teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga at few places during the week. You can go to his personal web site on to learn more about him and his teaching.

We also spoke to Adhie and Gian. Adhie first learned about Yoga from the youtube channels and various books, he then met a friend who taught him about yoga alignment. The other day, his friend tagged him on Instagram to acknowledge him about Yogainindonesia photo contest. He loves to travel and usually took yoga pictures at places he visited. For the contest he sent his beautiful picture that was taken at Mount Bromo. "It was unintended at first, I saw a horse that was resting, so i took the picture in front of it and to create Chevalier theme" so there he was, his beautiful Warrior 1 pose that captured our attention.

Gian learned about yoga in 2013 at a Fitness Center, he was not really serious at first, but after joining the Gentle Flow yoga he fell in love with it. He felt really relax and attached to yoga since then. His beautiful picture was taken at Candi Arjuna on Dataran Tinggi Dieng or the Dieng Plateu. "The picture was taken for personal collection, but i was so surprised that i was picked to be one of the favorite!"

Last but not least, we loved the picture that came from Olaf and his wife Intan. The couple are expecting their first child. Best wishes from all of us :)

By: Dee