Global Pure Retreat
Global Pure Retreat

We focus on you

This retreat will provide you with deeper, accurate knowledge about your body. If you feel lethargic, constantly exhausted and low may be it time to look at what really is going on in your system.

Here at Global Pure Retreat we start the program with Live Blood Cells analysis test. It will give you an accurate result of your state of health and really focus on each individual problem. We will find out about disease in your body and together we develop steps to reverse your condition before it causes you problems.

Based on your need we will facilitate a 6-day plan, Healthy Eating, Diet, Herbs, Cleansing Program, Injections, Hormone Reset, Osteopathy, Physio theraphy, massage, etc.

We will also develop individual Yoga practice based on result of the test. Each one of you will have a personal yoga session with Global Pure Retreat Yoga Teacher. She will develop a targeted practice based on your condition only. This way your practice will be uniquely yours, and effective. It is a great tool that you can apply to your own practice beyond your time in this retreat.

You can immerse yourself in nature, relax by the pool or enjoy a special Spa Massage, Cooking class, Martial Art class, Tao Kung, guided rice field trekking, and offering making.

Svarga Loka is a perfect sanctuary for Global Pure Rereat. It is located in Ubud the heart of holistic wellness and has served as a healing place for many. It offers you nature, cultural experiences, and self observation because sometimes, we need to look within to help us heal.

Global Pure Retreat team

Dr. Peggy Marienfeld is a German trained homeopath and naturopath, She Studied NAET, MET, Neural therapy, Herbal treatments, Supplements and Diet. As well as a trained ND's in Germany in Live blood analyses and Neural therapy.

She previously ran a busy clinic in Frankfurt for 16 years prior to relocating to Bali 10 years ago. Her method combines traditional and contemporary approaches. Her treatments often will give much better results than orthodox medicine. She also takes physical and emotional problems into account, and proven to have been able to cure health issues. She is now running a successful Bali Healing Center in Canggu

Global Pure Retreat Yoga Teacher has more than 25 years of teaching experience and will guide you through daily classes, as well as work one on one with you to develop a personalized yoga program that will make sense for your body and your goals. 

Jeanny Grace - Retreat Manager 

She decided to join One Song 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training with Denise Payne in 2014 and the experience learning deeper about Yoga has been life changing. She also study Traditional Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Nilesh Tiwari at Jakarta Ashtanga Yoga Shala. 

Since then she travel to Nothern Thailand and learn Thai Yoga Massage with Itzhak Helman at Sunshine Network in Lahu hill tribe village. Through this experience she comes to a realization that it is a deeply satisfying to connect with people through healing. With her previous background in media, marketing, and production. She will shape and keep the retreat flow fun, seamless and focused.

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November 23 -28, 2015


Jl. Penestanan Kelod

UBUD 80571 Gianyar - BALI



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Phone: +628161620980 (Jeanny - Retreat Manager)

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