Classic Yoga Therapy Workshop By Guru Made Sumantra At Yoga Light Surabaya
Classic Yoga Therapy Workshop By Guru Made Sumantra At Yoga Light Surabaya

Yoga Light Studio in collaboration with Indonesia Markandeya held :

       by Guru Made Sumantra (Bali)
       ☆ Workshop for all ages ☆

Date        : 5 - 6 December , 2015
Time       : 08:00 to 6:00 p.m. (day 1)
                    08:00 to 6:30 p.m. (day 2)
                   Raya Lontar 10
                   West Surabaya
                   (Area Citraland - GWalk)
EB 1 (till end Sept)      : IDR. 1,350 jt
EB 2 (till end October): IDR. 1.5 jt
Normal                          : IDR. 1.8 jt

WS 2 today, Yoga combines movement, breathing techniques and the Power of Mudra, to cure a variety of diseases including severe. This technique has been tested for 10 years in some countries and some seriously ill patients. You will know the secret of yoga therapy, which has never been given by other yoga teachers.

Only in this occasion, will be introduced Yoga actual core strength.
On this occasion the participants will be trained:

1. The Power Generating Asana, Pranayama, and Mudra to cure various physical and non-physical illness.

2. Participants will also be in Shaktipat Prakat, energy Exalted in him, so that intelligence and acquire Yoga actual core vibration.

WS is well followed by a yoga instructor and yoga practitioners who want to learn yoga in more depth.
Suitable also u / layman who wants to learn the techniques of healing themselves naturally.

Participants receive :
• Module
• Certificate
• 2x a healthy lunch
• 4x break tea - coffee

Registration person :
Sylvie Liauw
WA / LINE 081330001971
Acc. BCA 7260082331 Sylvia Handi

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