Fey Astora, Reach Him If You Are Willing To
10 September 2015

"Some people say that Fey Astora is unreachable, and why? “Students don’t even try to reach me." Fey Astora talked to few days ago at Jaya Festival in Kemang.

Fey started his career as a yoga teacher in 2004 from one of the biggest fitness chain gym. He was the Program Director and 10 years later, he finally settled down. Fey no longer works at the gym, he focuses on private clients, and only hand one community class at Soulbox Jakarta. He teaches power vinyasa flow, a vibrant and challenging class for intermediate and advance yogis. Most of his private clients are socialite, public figure, but not all of his students want to be on his Instagram. "Sometimes I ask them to strike a pose to put it in Instagram, but they" Fey giggled.

Last month Fey was invited to teach in Medan. He had a good time and ready for more. Traveling is not an issue for him. He was in Los Angeles for a couple months and teaching at Lululemon Yoga store.

" I was shopping at the store, and my friend said that I am a yoga teacher. Then they invite me for teaching.." Fey said. From local audience to LA yogis, Fey always had his charms.

Now, Fey does not teach many classes. " I appreciate my time. I want be able to take a holiday wherever I can." he said. He has a tight schedule, but if you want to invite him for a private class or workshop, he does not mind as long as the schedule fits.

Fey was born in Palembang. He is half Palembang and Javanese. He is a dog person, he has a dog names Oscar. One of Fey’s favorite yoga teachers is Les Laventhal.

Do you want to have Fey at your studio? Drop him an email and arrange the time. He has never taught at Palembang, Maybe someday.

By: Johana Purba