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Dewi Loho

With A Big Warm Smile, Let's Talk About Yoga-Inspired Jewelry
Dewi Loho and team traveled the world to introduce Ahimsa Jewelry to the International market. Beautiful collections of Ahimsa Jewelry silver works and gems are now available in various countries in South East Asia and America.

Ahimsa jewelry are designed by Dewi Loho and team, hand crafted in Bali and now have now gone global and getting the attention of International buyers. Dewi herself traveled from festival to festival, from local community festivals such as Wisata Yoga in Bandung, to International festivals such as Bali Spirit Festival and Asia Yoga Conference to promote her beautiful line of jewelries.

Ahimsa collections can now be seen in countries like Thailand, Singapore (Isetan),  Hong Kong and New York, because of it’s uniqueness, high quality craftsmanship and their warmhearted manner towards their costumers.

Yogainindonesia had the chance to seat with the inspiring and beautiful Dewi Loho and talk about her journey to bring Ahimsa Jewelry to the world.

Q. Where have you taken and introduced Ahimsa Jewelry so far?

A. So far we have taken Ahimsa to various yoga festivals, yoga events and wellness exhibitions around Asia and Australia. In Indonesia, we were exhibiting at the Bali Spirit Festival in April, followed by the Wisata Yoga Bandung in May and Namaste Day Festival in June 2015. For Australia, we participated in the MindBodySpirit Festival in Sydney and Melbourne, both in June 2015, and then followed by Hong Kong for the Asia Yoga Conference. We have also been selected by the ISETAN department store in Singapore to take part in their specially curated wellness section which features various brands of clothing, jewelry, health and wellness product. This has been one of our pride since we are the only one representing Indonesia in the selection!

 Q. Did you initially have the intention to bring our local product to the Internation market?

A. Offcourse! Part of my mission is to spread the message of love, Ahimsa, around the world, while at the same time taking the beauty and craftsmanship on Indonesia jewelry to the worldwide yoga community, which is still our main target market, although it doesn't close the door for another opportunity and to penetrate into a more general market who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted jewelries and beautiful, hand-selected gemstone. The one thing that I have been holding strong as a principle in designing is to always focus on the quality. I worked with a small, family owned silver workshop in Bali who produce only limited quantity, but with a beautiful, detailed craftsmanship that worth all the extra effort. My hope is to reach to those people who will share my values and beliefs, and who will be able to feel the love that goes into each carefully handcrafted pieces.

Q. How was the responds of the International buyers when you promoted Ahimsa Jewelry at the festivals in Australia and Hong Kong?

A. I have been very happy and flattered by the response that we received overseas across all the events. Most people have never seen such yoga inspired design before, especially the Sun Salute collection, and thus they are attracted to the uniqueness and also the craftsmanship!! It has been a rewarding and also encouraging experience to hear so many positive feedbacks and it drives me to focus more on the design and continue to create new ones!! 

Q. Is there any difference with the collections available in Indonesia and the collections offered abroad like in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or America?

A. The collections are the same, but off course we will have the complete collection feature in our website. For stores in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, the items are curated by their buyers and selected to suit their market.

Q. In your opinion, what do you think about the growth of yoga-inspired jewelry designers, in this case in yoga and wellness industry?

A. To be honest, there are a lot of other designers producing a yoga-inspired jewelry in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Bali. However, I see an opportunity where most people are focusing on gemstones, I have chosen to focus on various silver work and designs. I think it gives me more freedom to create as I have the opportunity to expand more on the design through the combination of silvers, gold vermeil, gemstone and also stories... every pieces of jewelry i designed for Ahimsa has a story... it might not be easy to see or even to understand, but i have the personal satisfaction of knowing the story even when no one else knows. I think that it is still my homework to create a better communication that will engage people's curiosity to learn about Ahimsa Jewelry.

Q. Is there any fun story about the last roadshow that you want to share with us, maybe about the buyer’s characteristics and so on?

A. Well, new places always offer new experience and abundance of stories!! we learned that the Australian customers are more willing to do their research. Most of the people who came to our booth has been to our website and review the collection before hand. Therefore it is very easy to communicate with them since they know what they want! While in Hong Kong, the customers from Korea and the Mainland China are the biggest buyers, with an additional perks of language barriers, and therefore we learned that the best way to communicate is to use our calculators. It is interesting to know that numbers can speak a thousand words.

Q. Where is your next destination?

A. We are still finalizing our events calendar for the second half of the year, starting to move again around mid August. We plan to have more presence in Asia, off course, and probably some festival in Europe as well. Ahimsa has been to the USA, Australia and around Asia, so I think that Europe will be next. We'll see! ^_^. You can always keep in touch with us through our website at www.ahimsajewelry.com for our event calendars and also special promotions.

By: Johana Purba