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KD Diallo

Let's Talk AntiGravity Yoga With KD Diallo
AntiGravity Yoga has becoming very popular in Jakarta. KD Diallo, one of The Master Instructor Trainer from New York is now living in Jakarta to spread the love of this phenomenal type of Yoga. Let's find out how KD balances pleasures and disciplines.

KD Diallo, Balancing Pleasures and Disciplines

AntiGravity Yoga Master Instructor Trainer,  KD Diallo has moved to Jakarta since March and work intensively with SOULBOX, Jakarta. She teaches, holds Teacher Trainings for AntiGravity, and develops SOULBOX’s Soul Barre program.

Yoga In Indonesia talked with her about AntiGravity itself, dancing, three years of jet lag and her way of life. Mother of two was at Jaya Festival last week when we met, and enjoyed the festival with her beautiful family.

KD was originally from North Carolina, once she said she loved Bali more, but she was living in New York for 20 years and moving to Jakarta, bring back her memory about her hometown. “I love to be in humidity, I live in NY but I came from North Carolina, it’s kind of like Bali. The humidity makes me feel like home. I loved being under the sun.” she says.

KD initially was a dancer and has extensive training and performance background in The Dunham Technique- A Dance Anthropology I teach exploration and empowerment through movement, breathing, aerial, pole, and pole/aerial fusions, emphasizing balance in technique and release.

She never had any idea to dance for Madonna or any pop star. But she married  a handsome guy from west Africa, a sensei!

She is busy juggling between works and being a mother of her beautiful two children. According to her husband, she makes the best sandwich and fish fries. But KD was too humble to admit that.

She admits, that her children maybe has no interest of dancing. But they are more into her father’s interest which is martial arts. Family of martial art and dancer, they are unstoppable.

She’s been on the road for four years, traveling around the world to give AntiGravity Teacher Trainings. She witnessed the AG program grows everywhere. In Russia and Australia, AG is very popular, meanwhile here in Jakarta, it’s building and growing. “ People come to my training with so many reasons, not just  to be a teacher, but to feel, experience, and to immerse. But I believe the benefit is known and the fun. From aspect of fun, to deep strengthening and healing. “ she explained.

KD started her AG training in 2000, when no AG fitness, AG Yoga but only AG Entertainment, an aerial acrobatic company. The benefits and techniques from the highly developed aerial art forms performed in the air became available hip height off the ground for the public in 2007.

KD believes, AG will not fade away. “AG has the potential to grow more internationally”. It gets people to get the benefits from the hammock. But it always a big challenging to bring them in the hammock and experience how amazing it is and it grow itself that way.” She says.

It’s common that the first timer has fear to use the hammock. It was new and different, being upside down is crazy. But once you hop in it, feels it, you get these three feeling. “Overcome fear, the healing capacity and fun.” KD smiled.

Fun, joy, happiness is the key of life. When we asked KD what are her tips to stay healthy and sane, she answered, “ Stay happy and stay in the sun, and don’t get in your head too much.”

She added, find something that you love and be passionate about it and let that lead what you do. The healthiest thing is finding something that you love and follow it.

“Find balance on pleasures and disciplines.” She said.


About KD Diallo

International Artist / Educator / Performer, KD Diallo comes from a lineage of dancers, educators, artists, activists, and performers. Blessed with a diverse and rigorous dance background, KD is a high school graduate from North Carolina School of the Arts and is formally trained in 1st generation Dunham Technique. She originally joined Team AntiGravity Entertainment in 2000 and in 2011 became a Master Instructor Trainer for AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness where she has the honor of training AntiGravity Instructors and Instructor Trainers internationally. KD is an X-Pert Certified Instructor, Freelance Movement/Arts Program & Curriculum Design Consultant, 2009 Karate Kata New York State Champion, and aerialist performer for New York's upcoming largest human art instillation, ONE in New York. Since 1997 she continues to provide the world with her famous Body Bou Saf - Addictively Scented Shea Butter & Healing Arts Movement.

You can now find KD Diallo's classes only at Soulbox SCBD Jakarta. www.soulboxjakarta.com

By: Johana Purba