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Denise Payne

Let's Talk Yoga With Denise Payne
Denise Payne is the former owner of two successful studios in Portland, Oregon Yoga Bhoga and One Song Yoga where she raised the bar for practitioners, teachers and studios. Denise currently lives in Bali and teaches classes, workshops and teacher trainings around the world. Yogainindonesia had a chance to sit and speak with the mother of one.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the history of One Song Yoga?

A.The name One Song Yoga came to me more than 25 years ago, with the realization that that is what the Uni-Verse is. Uni=One Verse=Song. Many years later, while I owned a yoga studio in Portland Oregon called Yoga Bhoga, One Song Yoga became a studio space. This is where teacher training were held, specialty workshops and my classes, and then we were able to have an uninterrupted schedule at Yoga Bhoga. 

Now I've been in Bali for over 5 years, and the name continues to be the name of my schools, both the 200-hour and 300 hour.  

The name will always be very special to me. 

Q. You are now having the 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings, can you explain to us a little bit about the program and how it differs from other programs offered out there?

A. To me what is unique is that there is not a formula specifically for each training. What I'm really good at is seeing the individuals in a group context, and personalizing the course for each student within the context of YA requirements, as well as One Song requirements.   

Q. Do you have any expectation from all one song yoga graduates?

A. I do have expectations. One is that they continue to develop their personal practice, which is such a huge part of the training. We teach what we practice, and always going to someone else's class, rather than rolling your mat out under every circumstance - the days you can't wait to practice and the days it's the last thing you want to do, doesn't really lead to teaching from the heart. A self-practice is so obvious in the depth a teacher brings to class.  

Another expectation I have is that, if any graduate runs into any problems, whether it's needing clarity in something we covered in the course, needing help with a students condition, or a pose they are working on, or something new entirely, my expectation is that they contact me. If it's 1,5 or 10 or more years from now. If they graduate from OSY, they have me for life. 

Q. You have lived in Indonesia for 5 years, what is it you love the most about Indonesia.

A. That's a really difficult question, Dian. There are so many things I love about Indonesia! I live in Bali, which is the most perfect place to raise my son. He has such good friends, and it's really our home. My family at the Yoga Barn is so important to me and I love the students that show up to learn there. 

I'm also a city girl, so when I'm lucky enough to come to Jakarta for a training or workshop, it's exciting to get out of our small town in Bali and into that crazy energy of the city. 

Overall, I really love the people, and particularly the local people I've found to be some of the most dedicated yogis I've ever met. 

And then there's Masakan Padang. :)

Q. What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

A. You ask tough questions! 

I could make a very long list here, but I I'll have to say that Sirsasana/headstand would be my favorite. I love all inversions and arm balances and really love to get creative with them. But I believe headstand can be such a healing pose, and can strengthen the whole body, as well as getting the right weight on the head to stimulate the pituitary gland, the master gland. I practice headstand quite often for 30 minutes or more and there's nothing quite like it. 

Thank you Denise Payne! :)


About Denise Payne:

Denise Payne is an internationally known yoga teacher who has lived alongside yoga masters such as Dharma Mittra, Sat Jiwan Singh and Yogi Bhajan. She has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for more than thirty years. With an innate ability to perceive people through their chakra system, Denise harnesses her knowledge and skills to address each student’s individual needs in the context of a class or group training.
She is consistently focused upon moving the focus away from herself
as a teacher, insisting it stay on the student’s personal development.

Denise is the former owner of two successful studios in Portland, Oregon (Yoga Bhoga and One Song Yoga) where she raised the bar
for practitioners, teachers and studios alike. 

Be sure to check our teacher training schedule information. Learn more about Denise by visiting her web site on www.denisepayneyoga.com