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Noah Maze

Upclose And Personal With Noah Maze.
Noah Maze visited Indonesia last week. Yoga in Indonesia had a chance to seat and chat with Noah, a world-renowned Yoga Teacher, founder of Yogamaze and the father of two beautiful children Madeleine and Oliver. Let's get to know him better!

We first knew about Noah from the yoga teacher-training program that is hosted yearly at Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio, Jakarta. The teacher training program at Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio has Noah as the lead of the faculty, Rocky Heron as the co-lead faculty and Deera Dewi along with Mona Jahja as faculties. 

This year Noah Maze was amongst the yoga faculty at Bali Spirit Festival.

Let’s get to know Noah a little bit more.

Noah began his regular yoga practice of Hatha yoga when he was 14 years of age. Noah grew up in Boulder, Colorado, raised with the philosophy and practice of yoga. Initially, Noah studied and practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa with Richard Freeman. Early on, he was honored to study with Pattabhi Jois, and Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Manouso Manos. Noah completed his first Anusara Yoga teacher training in 1999 and became a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher in 2002. Philosophically, Noah studied extensively with Tantric scholar Douglas R. Brooks, in the Srividya lineage of Rajanaka Yoga.

This is the second time of him teaching at Bali Spirit Festival. Noah said that he has been having a good time, meeting old friends and making a new friends. “It is so fun here, we do not cross path very often with other teachers and I am happy to see my friends and meet some new friends too” He loved the idea of yoga festival in the nature, exchanging positive energies and feel the vibe of great music. He witnessed a diversity of the festival. Yogis from around the world came, practiced together and the weather at that time was perfect for practicing.

Noah remembered, few years back when he had to teach at a festival with a little weather situation. “I taught at a festival few years back, and had to teach the first workshop slot, and it was cloudy, we were all inside a tent,  very cold and windy, like uncomfortably cold and what do you do? with such weather condition you are not supposed to do yoga but no other alternative, so the best for me was to adjust with the situation, I taught from inside the tent but everyone else were outside under the sun so it was a little bit warmer and for me it was very difficult and challenging, but you don’t just cancel the class, you just have to adjust“ he explained.

Noah’s class at Bali Spirit Festival was full of participants and always in great weather to compliment it. His class was supported by Amy Petty who is also one of Yogamaze's Emissaries.

He also came to one of his student’s class, Anjasmara Prasetya. He sat together with other participants and listened to Anjas. He wanted to bring a paperboard with Anjas name on it as a support, but then he sent positives vibes to Anjas to support him. What a cool teacher Noah is!

So, what is it that Noah loves when in Ubud? He loves the famous Nuri’s pork ribs. Noah enjoys varieties of food, has no food allergies, but not so much Padang food. Why ?

“ It’s okay. Just so when I go out for Padang food I ordered everything. He was a vegetarian for many years but… “I fell in love with a girl and we’re married and she is not a vegetarian“ he said.

Noah is easy when travelling. He has no food allergies, very low maintenance as he said so that’s why it’s always fun to travel with him. “I travel the world, so I have to be pretty adaptable.” He added.

When traveling he always bought gifts for his family. From Bali, he brought along some malas, kites and some gift for the children, Madeleine and Oliver. His beautiful kids are his inspiration.

If you follow his instagram, you may find #koalabear hash-tag often. “It’s fun and for fun. Technically, Koalas are touching the ground but they are attached to you” said Noah.

Thank you for sharing Noah Maze!

By: Johana Purba