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Cristi Christensen

Our sincere thanks to Cristi Christensen for sharing her thoughts with Yoga in Indonesia.
Cristi was a former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, she trained with the US Olympic diving team as an young adult. After an injury cut her Olympic dreams short, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others improve their level of fitness through personal training, Pilates, Core Fusion.

On our interview Cristi talks about Roga, her favourite yoga pose and her excitement about returning to Indonesia for Bali Spirit Festival 2015. Enjoy the interview below:

Q. You were at the Namaste Festival last year and introduced ROGA to the Jakarta yoga community. Can you tell us a little bit about ROGA and if there is any chance of integrating yoga with other type of sport other than running?   

A.ROGA is class that is/was designed as part of a  cross training program for runners.  Roga's focus is to stretch the muscles that are being used and tightening while running and strengthen the muscles such the core which get neglected.  All with a focus on the breath, Roga will help bring the body back into balance.  This will improve your running, make you more efficient and decrease your recovery time.  Most importantly it will reduce your risk of injuries so that you can continue running ! Typically the class is taught after we run, but it can also me done on its own as well.  

Yoga is excellent cross training for all sports!!  Whether you are a cyclist, surfer, snowboarder, or football player (you name it) you can benefit from the practice of yoga.  With the right program design yoga will increase your flexibility, strength, and awareness to counter and balance of the repetitive actions/movements from your sport.  Yoga as well can provide with better peace of mind ,focus, and clarity which with help when playing any sport.

Q. You also love paddle boarding and surfing. How is yoga practice complimenting the two? 

A. Yes, i do !  They invoke my sense of adventure, connect me with something larger then myself, and challenge my body and mind.  Just like yoga!!!  Surfing and Paddle boarding are perfect compliments to Yoga and can be of tremendous benefit for cross training !  

Q. In a class full of people with wildly different aims, how do you strive to keep everyone engaged and motivated? 

A.  i aim to connect with peoples spirit! we are all gonna have different abilities and strengthens and our own abilities will vary from day to day.  Yoga is beyond a physical practice so you can aim to connect with everyone via the breath, via the inspiration, via the energy we are creating!  i also encourage everyone to simply do their very best and teach progressions in the postures. This leaves space for students to all experience something and gives them the permission to stop where they need to and go deeper where they can. 

Q. What is your favourite yoga pose and why?  

A. My mom jokes that i could walk on hands before i could walk on my feet!  so i would have to say my favorite pose is Handstand!!!!  i just love getting up side down!  it is the quickest easiest way to instantly change your perspective on any situation in your life!  they are only just really fun and playful!  it you are unable to do handstand any inversion will do the trick!  just get  you head lower then you heart!

Q. You will be coming back to Indonesia for Bali Spirit Festival 2015. What will you be teaching at Bali Spirit Festival?  

A. thrilled to be returning to Indonesia and to the BSF!  i will be leading 2 classes at the festival!  In one the classes we will be Awakening our Connection to our Chakras.  I will lead you on a journey through the 7 Chakras giving you the opportunity to better understand and connect to these powerful energy centers, and how to awaken and balance them through meditation, yoga asana, core integration and sound.   i love leading this practice!  

The second class is call Soul Fire Flow!  This class is sure light you fire within and make your soul sing!  Through meditation, creative vinyasa yoga, dance, and awesome music we will get your whole body, mind, and spirit smiling from the inside out!!! get ready to have fun!

*Cristi will be teaching at BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL 2015 and schedule can be viewed at http://www.balispiritfestival.com/images/BSF-Daytime-Schedule.jpg

Thank you Cristi Christensen! :)

By: Dee