Real Yoga "Break The Limit" In Jakarta
17 Maret 2015
Real Yoga "Break The Limit" In Jakarta

Real Yoga, the largest yoga studio chain in Singapore is now open in Jakarta. Master Saumik Bera sat with Yoga In Indonesia and talked about his goal in expanding his studio to Jakarta.

Real Yoga, with 10 years experience in Singapore, are managed by well know and certified yoga teachers from India, where yoga is basically their way of life since childhood. "We will do our best for our students and yogis in Indonesia, we want to make them happy, smile, healthy and any healthy issue like pain, stress, weight problem can be cured by yoga, so they can be the best in their personal life" said Saumik in Real Yoga Jakarta Studio in Arteri Pondok Indah.

Real Yoga Jakarta adapt classes and disciplines from Real Yoga Singapore. There will be 35 yoga classes, from hot yoga, vinyasa, kids to pre and post natal. Their yoga classes are classified by needs such as yoga for hip opening, twist, slimming down, yoga hot core, back bend and many more. In Jakarta there will be 4 teachers from India. "Years of experiences have given them the confidence in handling clients, student. So our clients will be in good hands." Saumik added.

Real Yoga Jakarta studio consists of 5 floors. The first is lobby and student lounge, second floor is for locker and bathroom, third floor is hot yoga studio, and fourth is regular yoga studio. The design is vibrant yet homey.

"Our main goal, the reason we're here is that we are trying to provide facility for students to spend longer time here

In Real Yoga, there are 35 type yoga classes, with more than 6 classes per day, so you can spend more time exploring yoga at Real Yoga. If you only practice yoga 2-3 times a week, in Real Yoga you can do 2-3 yoga classes per day.

During promotional season, Real Yoga offers special membership price. Starting from 150-200 USD for unlimited monthly. If you take VIP class, you will get all access passes to all Real Yoga Studio in Singapore too.

"My understanding is everyone have to do yoga. Day by day our life is going more stressful, we have to work our. Let say we spend 12 hours, 8 hours for work and 4 hour sitting in the car. Later we'll spend money for doctors. Here, they spending 1 hour in yoga class to balance everything." Saumik explained.

Real Yoga Jakarta is open at Arteri Pondok Indah, near the junction of Kebayoran lama, Gandaria, close by to Porche showroom, or few hundred meters from Gandaria City. They are having an open house at 28 March 2015, this will include free yoga class at 4 PM. please send an email to to get the invitation. Only 20 spots are available

By: Johana Purba