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Anjasmara Prasetya

Let's Talk Yoga With Anjasmara Prasetya
Back in 2004, famous actor Anjasmara Prasetya started his yoga journey by learning about yoga from various books and practices at yoga studios. Ten years later, he starts teaching and inspires many people to fall in love with yoga. Yoga in Indonesia was lucky enough to have the chance to seat with Anjasmara and chatted about his journey and passion of yoga.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about what first motivated you to learn yoga? 

A: “I was experiencing a spiritual phase in my life and I wanted to learn something that could improve my meditation skill.  At that time I did not know anything about yoga, and I decided to learn yoga from various books, videos and practices from the studio” 

Q. Who was your biggest influence in yoga?

A. “My wife, Dian Nitami introduced me to my first teacher Deera Dewi. I learned yoga from scratch, I did not have any idea about vinyasa, Ashtanga nor Sanskrit words. Since then i started to deepen my knowledge on yoga and that is until today.

Q. Have you ever done any teacher training? 

A. “Yes. My teacher Deera encouraged  me to join the teacher training with her and Noah Maze at Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio Jakarta.  At first I said no, because for me yoga is very personal, but as the story goes, I finally took my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Deera Dewi and Noah Maze. Since then, I  became even more  passionate about yoga and teaching.

Q. What is your signature flow of yoga?

A. I introduce Yoga Ala Ala or “let’s pretend that we do yoga” a class that makes yoga asana more fun and suitable for everybody. I know that many people are scared to do yoga because they thought they are not flexible enough, not strong enough, or even forbid by some religious organization. But for me, it’s all about having fun and honor your body. We start with simple warrior series, basic asana followed by meditation. 

If you want to meet Anjasmara and practice Yoga Ala Ala, he has regular classes at Gudang Gudang Yoga Studio Jakarta. He will also be teaching at Bali Spirit Festival 2015 with Deera Dewi. If you meet him, he wouldn't mind a wefie or two :)

By: Johana Purba