Yoga To Cure Menstrual Cramp
10 Februari 2015
Yoga To Cure Menstrual Cramp

Ladies, first day of your period is your time to relax and drop it down.  Here are the symptoms: your tummy will be super cram, bloated and your back feels like it's about to break. For yoga practitioner, you can just stay at home or simply not practicing. But how about yoga teachers?

No worries, Amanda Soedharma, a yoga teacher from Bogor shares yoga poses to cure menstrual cramp.  You want to try this at home, no pressure and with lots of props. Oh hello pillow, I’ve been looking for you.

1. Stretch - your legs and back, here I've done a full an hour and a half class, so I'm good to do full forward bend. But if you haven’t start slow, maybe start with a downdog, and slowly walk into forward bend.

2. Open twist - do an easier version of twist, or the counter twist, skip deep twists. Gentle twist will release the back muscles; it also helps to alleviate the sore back and the cramping.

3. Restorative twist - Grab a bolster, sit on one side of your hip, and slowly walk over to your bolster and lie your chest down on the bolster, don’t forget to do the other side.

4. Child's pose on the bolster - put a sandbag on your lower back, or better yet get someone to give you a back massage.

5. Rest in supta badha konasana or reclined butterfly, lie your back down on the bolster, soles of the feet together, knees wide open. This pose will relax the hip, opens the chest area, and increase circulation to the hip and pelvis. 

6. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. It cures everything!

So, from now on, keep yourself ready for the new moon 

By: Amanda Soedharma