The Truth About Bikram Yoga
05 Februari 2015
The Truth About Bikram Yoga

We talked to Beth Warner, bikram yoga teacher in Bikram Yoga Kuningan about the truth inside the hot bikram room.  As the first timer, you may worry about fainting or being bored with the sequences. Hmmm… let’s talk about it

1. Why we can’t go out from the room during the class?

It really depends of the teacher, for me, I’m more open. You’re not prisoners. You can go out from the class, but best if you don’t. Why? Here are the reasons. If you go out, your body temperature is changing; from hot to cold and hot again, it’s tough for the body. And if you still in the room, I can take care of you. But if you out, we can’t see you, taking care of you

2.  So what we do we have to do if we feel dizzy?

Just sit and breathe. Actually what you feel is the detox. And sometimes it’s a mind trick, keep calm, breathing and sit.

3. During your 5 years of teaching, is there any accident in the room?

Only one, in Australia… it’s so rare anyway.  At that time, a student fainted because she didn’t have breakfast in the morning. Mostly they experienced dizziness.

4. Do bikram yoga teachers like to yell?

Some teachers do, but I don’t yell. But the point is, as a teacher we want to encourage, to give clear instruction, so everybody can hear you. My voice is a tool to encourage people to do the poses. Sometimes I tease my student and have fun a little bit.

5. Why only 26 poses?

26 postures are enough as a breathing exercise to work every part of your body. And as your body is different with others. We understand that every time you come to practice maybe you had a great day, maybe not, and please use that postures to understanding your own body better.  Since we have fix sequence students have idea about what’s coming next.

6. Jakarta is a very hot and humid city, how can we even do a hot yoga in such weather?

Actually, doing hot yoga in tropical country is helping you deal with the outside heat better. Some people living in the air con room from time to time. From house, to car, office, back to car again, even in the gym.  It’s common to hear Indonesian complain about the heat, so join Bikram yoga will help you cope with the heat.

Beth said, everybody could do yoga! Bikram yoga is suitable for those who want to lose weight. Love your body, do yoga!

By: Johana Purba