Ashanga Yoga Is A Shooting Star
28 Januari 2015
Ashanga Yoga Is A Shooting Star

Ashtanga is A Shooting Star

All respects go to the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois who had inspired us yogis and Ashtangi all around the world.

Kino Mc Gregor is one of many devoted ashtangi in the world. She is beautiful, inspiring and full of smiles. Yes, do not put frown face while you doing your ashtanga practice. Keep practicing and all is coming.

Ashtanga is more than just physical exercise or beautiful chanting mantra. “The discipline, we wake up at 5, ready on the mat at 6, we do yoga before we do anything else in the day.” Arty Batubara-Nainggolan, a devoted Ashtangi and The Program Director of Soulbox said.

The goal of practicing Ashtanga yoga is not to put the leg behind the head, but Arty’s goal is also to share the soul and wisdom of Ashtanga yoga. “ When I’m doing my ashtanga practice, that’s my meditation.” said Arty.

If you follow the ashtangi movement in Jakarta, it’s going to be more and more popular this year. Arty is one of the pioneers who had brought International Ashtanga yoga teacher to Indonesia. “Three years ago, Ashtanga seems intimidating and not so popular, but then I invited Arne Espejel, an International yoga teacher, he stayed for one month.”  Said Arty

Earlier this year, Arty and her friends develop Soulbox, an urban fitness complex in SCBD area in Jakarta. One of their “main class menu” is Ashtanga Mysore, with only certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. “We have a beautiful yoga Shala and an authorized yoga teacher. Not every ashtanga student is capable to be an authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher, once she/he is approved she/he is definitely an amazing teacher.“ Arty explained.

Ashtanga Mysore has different approach for every student. Do not feel intimidated if the teacher asks you to ‘slow down’.  Everybody is treated personally, even in a class full of people.

This January Soulbox welcomes Heather Serna from the United States and starting February, Soulbox will present Geoff MacKenzie, authorized level 2 to teach the Primary and Intermediate Series. More about the Series, we will talk about it later.

According to Arty she have experienced the beauty of Ashtanga Yoga, and she wants her guests to have the same experience.  She said that Ashtanga is not difficult to practice, but you have to be really discipline and focus.  

More about why Ashtanga, especially Ashtanga Mysore,  stay tuned.

By: Johana Purba