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Chris Su

Let's talk yoga with Chris Su from Malaysia.
Last October 2014 Yogainindonesia organized a Yin Yoga workshop, Mindfulness Immersion, The Meridian Series with Chris Su from Malaysia. Yogainindonesia then had a chance to do an

Q: After being a yoga practitioner of many other styles, why did you finally fall in love with Yin Yoga?

CS: As you may have seen in my biography, I have been practicing different styles of yoga previously but finally I choose to focus on Yin Yoga is because I find Yin Yoga is complementary to my lifestyle, in a way it harmonises the Yang aspect of my daily routines, for example I tend to talk too much and always rushing due to conducting classes, hence the only chance that I get to calm myself and have some moment of silence is during my self-practice. As a result of my daily Yin Yoga practice, physically my body become more relax and not so tense up all the time while mentally, I have learned how to listen to my own body and the breaths which eventually allows me to completely relax my body because Yin Yoga is all about looking inward for self-awakening.

QWhat is your vision and mission in sharing the passion of Yin Yoga to the Malaysian and Indonesian Yoga community?

CS: With extensive trainings in yogic disciplines and interest in Buddhism philosophy, I hope to inspire all levels of practitioner, from beginners to teachers, all age groups from teenagers to elderly to come and experience the practice and self-healing power of Yin Yoga. Let’ start to learn to look inside ourselves to awaken our higher inner self and feel the essence of Yin Yoga from mind, body and soul.

Q. What is your favourite yin yoga pose and why?

CS: Yin poses for me all are the same because different poses comes with different benefits for the internal organs and not forgetting to mention that all poses are meant to train us to find stillness in our mind and body. Putting aside that none of the poses should be practice on own preference, however if I were to choose one, it is going to be "Shoelace". This is because I find this position can really allow me to completely surrender to myself and the universe.

Q.What is the strongest benefit of Yin Yoga according to your opinion?

CS: In my opinion, the strongest benefits of Yin Yoga that makes it so special would be the practice of Yin Yoga itself that actually stills and calms the mind and body, thus reducing stress and anxiety that accumulated from our daily hectic life. Apart from that, it also creates greater joint mobility as Yin Yoga is well known for targeting on connective tissues besides improving the flow of “chi” through meridians stimulation and eventually balances the internal organs.

Q.You just recently visited Jakarta for a yin yoga workshop, what did you think about the yogis in Jakarta?

CS: First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to the organiser for giving me a chance to share the Yin Yoga knowledge with Jakarta's yogis. After the recent workshop, I find Jakarta yogis have a very strong passion in the studies of yoga. What really impressed me is that they are very welcoming and are truly open minded in accepting the knowledge of yoga regardless of any styles of yoga.

Thank you Chris! we hope to see you again in Jakarta :)

By: Dee