Yoga And Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014
12 Oktober 2014
Yoga And Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014

Yoga and creative world have been interlinked in some ways. As we all know, yoga teaches the seven chakras altogether in our body. One of them is swadisthana, which is believed to be the chakra responsible for someone’s creativity, attention and knowledge. With your swadisthana chakra functioning well, you may discover the inner source of inspiration more easily because everyone with abundant level of creativity is inclined to have their swadisthana chakra working well, as if unclogged.

Meditation and yoga practice may be used to effectively keep the balance in the second chakra. That might explain why there was daily free yoga classes during Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014 held 2-5 October 2014.

The Radiantly Alive Community in Ubud sent 4 different yoga instructors to assist these literary enthusiasts to do yoga in the morning at Taman Baca, Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud. Radiantly Alive itself is a yoga studio, holistic therapy, and café in Ubud, which interestingly offers by-donation classes for Indonesians living in Bali.

Every day in 4 days of the festival, anyone – either registered participants of festival or not – was welcome to unroll mats on the lawn of Taman Baca, doing yoga together in the open space when the air is as pure as you have never breathe in before. 

Starting from 7 am, the students were led to do basic warmups, brief morning meditation to set up the intention for the rest of day before proceeding to the asana (yoga poses) practice.

The sensation of doing several repetitions of sun salutation (surya namaskar) in the open air when the warm morning sunlight touches directly on your face and body was so unparalleled. If you are more accustomed to doing yoga indoor, probably this would bring you fresh experience on how yoga should be done.

With the class facing the east, as you breathe in the oxygen of Ubud air, you’d find nothing to block your view to the bright blue sky and downhill where streams lie and separate us from the  bushy Campuhan Hill.

Because the classes took place in open space, no walls existed to block the distraction away from you. And this was a challenge itself. As instructor Kesha put it,”You should be able to meditate even if you are in the middle of Time Square.” She cited from one of her yoga gurus’ lines. The lines could not be wrong.

The enthusiasts were various. From teenagers to elderly, Indonesians and foreigners, you can find them all. Yet, one thing still bothered us, on why there are always more females than males in a yoga class. These classes were no exception as well.

As the session reached its end, participants were let to stay in awareness with their physical body rested on the ground. This was when savasana (corpse pose) enabled them to rest their minds for a while before participating in the creative literary discussions taking place throughout the day.

Because the classes were meant for all of people with various levels of practice, they lasted only for an hour, long enough to purify the cluttered mind. That being said, for anyone of you who hope to practice in a more advanced level, this might not be what meets your needs. But for creative workers who need a break from their working desks and computers, this will be a good and simple solution to stay active physically and certainly, to unleash the ultimate creativity saved within that swadisthana chakra down there.

By: Akhlis Purnomo