OrganiCult, Looking Good The Eco-Friendly Way
13 September 2014
OrganiCult, Looking Good The Eco-Friendly Way

Yoga apparel business has now reached a whole new level and start adopting green living lifestyle. In the western countries people are making products out of garbage and some have developed eco friendly fabrics for their collection.

This year, three bestfriends, entrepreneurs, socialites and yogis, Nia Dinata, Vikki Bolang and Nina Teteng created OrganiCult,  an active wear brand, inspired by yoga and eco friendly living. Yogainindonesia sat with OganiCult founder and spoke about their newborn and what was behind the glossy ad of Adinia Wirasti wearing OrganiCult. Fancy, or friendly ?

1. What is OrganiCult ?

OrganiCult is an active wear brand, inspired by yoga and eco-friendly living. The collection consists of ready to wear clothing which are comfortable for yoga and other daily activities. Our designs are versatile and appealing to everyone even if they are not a yoga enthusiasts.

2. Who are behind OrganiCult ?

The three founders are Nia Dinata, Vikki Bolang, Nina Teteng. Our Creative Director is Kemala Putri.

3. What was the inspiration of your collection?

OrganiCult is a manifestation of our consciousness to live a balanced life. The body, The mind and The soul are in constant harmony with nature. People still need to look good while being aware of eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. How big was the influence from being a yogi when it came to designing these collections ?

It's all started because of our love and passion to yoga. So, we always tried to incorporate the philosophy of yoga in our designs, we try to infuse our creative process with local Indonesian wisdom as well.

5.  In your opinion, how important the eco-fashion issue in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a great source of organic and eco-friendly materials. Particularly in fashion, the fabrics are mostly available to be exported to countries with higher awareness market in green and organic living abroad. We want to start to create more awareness and appreciation about organic and eco-friendly fabrics through our brand.

6. Can we have an organic, eco fashion + stylish product with an affordable price ?

 That's what we are trying to do. Our products are affordable, compared to imported organic and other eco-friendly fashion brands from abroad.

7. Where can we find the collection ?

Giving Tree Store & NOWhere Store Serpong Tangerang, Breathe Store Jakarta Selatan, Bikram 42' Senayan Jakarta

By: Johana Purba