Deep Into Breathe By Chair Pose
01 Agustus 2014
Deep Into Breathe By Chair Pose

The First Yoga Day @ Martha Tilaar Spa event was held on Friday with guest teacher Mrs. Ritu Bhaveja. We had 16 participants joining the Detoxifying Chair Yoga class at Martha Tilaar Spa, Graha Indorama Building, Kuningan.

Mrs. Ritu said, Chair yoga may not be popular in Indonesia, but it really works with people with these conditions, a disabled, elderly and during working time. It’s easy because you can do it on your chair, off the mat, no need to wear stretchy pants, just regular costume.

She added, during chair yoga you must relax, sitting nicely, straight up, and do pranayama.. the art of breathing. She was opening the class by series of kapalbathi (breathing of fire). Kapalbhati has a remarkable effect as a de-stressing tool and clearing the mind of negative emotions. In fact, the Sanskrit words "Kapal" means the skull and "bhati" means polishing or shining. "Kapalbhati", as the name suggests, is a method to make the head "sparkling clean" and devoid of toxins.

There are two types of toxins, physical and emotional. “Physical toxins are like pollutions and food, and emotional is a negativity from out mind,” Ritu says. Yoga is to release negativity from mind and body.  And if you feel any discomfort such as dizzy, sore throat, it’s normal. “You may feel a little dizzy, because the blood is moving very fast to your head, but keep practicing, and you may feel better and refresh,” she add.

After few rounds of kapalbhati, she taught the audience to do palming. This method is very effective to relax our eyes and mind. It’s simply as you warm up your hand by rubbing the palms against one another and put in close to your eyes but not touching. Close your eyes then. Feel the energy.  Then, warm up your hand again, but now just make a small round with both palms but not touching in front of your chest, feel the energy.

Series of pranayam and palming, now its time to do some exercise. “Basicly, you can do most of the asana on your chair.” Ritu says. She lead the participant to fold forward and do some modification of warrior two series.

Hendri, one of the participants was excited to learn more about pranayama. Meanwhile Meidina felt very fresh after doing warrior 2 sequence on the chair. Firman, who wear glasses and work with computer were enjoying palming sessions as its comforting his eyes.

There are a  lot of thing you can do by your chair, off the mat. So never ever say you don’t have time to do yoga!

Yoga day @ Martha Tilaar Spa is sponsored by Martha Tilaar and organized by Don’t miss our next event, and remember to do yoga and stay fresh!

By: Johana Purba